A design so innovative

An innovative, elegant and discrete video/channel player.
Your content and channel shine!

& intuitive

Our video player is seamless, naturally and intuitively.
Navigation is fluid.

for everyone

No technical skills is required from you to create and fully manage your channels.
It's a piece of cake!

TV playout

Your videos are programmed via your pre-programmed scheduler. Each player is synchronized with the CMS and plays your channel at an exact second!


Manage your program schedule entirely from the inSCREEN.tv CMS. Create your daily programms using our daily scheduler built on a calendar.

Video On Demand

Create and manage your video-on-demand offering. Then develop your services through the Web, mobiles, OTT... and monetize the content.

Broadcast on your
own URL address

The media that you create is automatically available on its dedicated URL.
The world is Yours!

An independent player

Each inSCREEN.tv video player is 100% autonomous. It contains all the programs of your channel received through the inSCREEN.tv REST API.

Synchronized broadcasting

Our player synchronizes and updates automatically at the slightest update of your programs into the CMS.


Embed the video player of your channels on your websites, social networks...
You able to broadcast everywhere.

100% responsive

The inSCREEN.tv smart player adapts to the size of all screens used by the devices of the market!

Time management

From the CMS, you simply manage the time that broadcasts your channel. You are able to broadcast for the time to optimise your targeted audience.

Customized logo

Your channels are customizable. You can display your logo continuously, choose its layout, choose the color of the buttons, etc.

UGC, curators...

Users publish their content on their own. They are fully autonomous and simply develop their audiences in complete independence.

Live streaming

Program live streaming shows using the program scheduler. Your "hot" events can be scheduled within 3 clicks.

Laptops, desktops

Your medias are available on all the browsers available on the desktops of the market.


Your medias are available on the tablets web browsers using Android and iOS.


Your medias are available on the smartphones web browsers using Android and iOS.

YouTube™ inside

Publish directly through our CMS all the embeddable video content available on YouTube™.
Respect the rights requested by the video platforms.

Vimeo™ inside

Publish directly through our CMS all the embeddable video content available on Vimeo™.
Respect the rights requested by the video platforms.

Dailymotion™ inside

Publish directly through our CMS all the embeddable video content available on Dailymotion™.
Respect the rights requested by the video platforms.

Publish photos

Post photos, full HD images. Create slideshows, information boards and broadcast them without having to make any video file...

Audio control

You choose the sound you want to broadcast on your channel: the sound of a video, the sound of a Soundcloud™ page, the sound of a Shoutcast™ webradio...

Shoutcast™ inside

+/- 100,000 web radios Shoutcast™ and IceCast™ are embeddable and publishable in your channel.

Soundcloud™ inside

Publish embeddable sounds from Soundcloud™.


Monetize your channel and content with inSCREEN.tv. Develop your audiences and your revenue in line with your goals.

Pay per view

Offer your channel and/or videos with pay-per-view. Monetize your content increasing your income.

Donations and other financial support

Offer donations and financial support; single event or recurring events. This new kind of crowdfunding is offered directly independently into your channel.


Offer subscription for your channel. You define your subscription offers, periods, amounts in line with your commercial strategy...
Develop your business intelligently.

Share on Facebook™

Share your content and your digital channel with the worlds largest social networks.

Publish with Wordpress™

Coming soon: Some modules are directly managed from using Wordpress™ to publish your channel on your website.

Customer account

Your users can create a customer account that allows them to identify themselves and finding you, their favorite channel.


Your inSCREEN.tv channel is fully analyzed through tools such as Google Analytics™. Tracking and analyzing your audiences by channel, playlist, content. The world of data is your fingertips.


The payment solutions offered by your inSCREEN.tv channels integrate the currencies of your users, whatever their country or currency.
You are the master of the universe...

Coupons & Promotions

Coming soon: develop promotional campaigns and coupons for your potential and existing customers.


Our servers and applications are available 24/7/365 days a year. We have chosen to integrate Amazon Web Services for its proven efficiency, power, and flexibility.


Offer your channels with a higher level of reliability and security. inSCREEN.tv integrates the HTPPS protocol.


Coming soon: the player, the CMS and the site inSCREEN.tv will be available in several languages: English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian...


Coming soon: find all the advantages of our Content Delivery Network and develop and broadcast your channels even faster.

SDK Javascript

Interaction between your inSCREEN.tv channel and your website thanks to the Javascript SDK. Synchronize the pages of your site with your channel...


Coming soon: your channel is accessible, controlled and managed from your mobile phone software directly to the AIRPLAY functions.


Your inSCREEN.tv channels are compatible with Android devices: mobiles, tablets, OTT Android TV boxes.


Your inSCREEN.tv channels are compatible with iOS devices: iphones, ipads, Apple TV...

Information flow

From the CMS, you can determine which text flows you want to display on your channel in the scroll boxes.


View live user comments. Comments appear on the media you are broadcasting.

Connected TV

Broadcast your channel on browsers connected TVs and OTT market: Android TV, Apple TV...


inSCREEN.tv integrates solutions specific to all OTT on the market and develops a compatibility program for its own player.


Your inSCREEN.tv channel includes a voting function managed from the CMS. You can organize contests and games to animate and promote your channel.


Coming soon: create your podcast/audio stream and create your webradio thanks to inSCREEN.tv Radio. Monetize your content.

Audio Services

Coming soon: create your audio service or portal with inSCREEN.tv Audio. Monetize your content.

Podcast Services

Coming soon: create your own audio podcast service with inSCREEN.tv and monetize your content.