Disruptive TV technology?

After several years of experience with various TV channels, radio stations and production companies, together with our technical, cultural knowledge and passion for new technologie lead us to founding of inSCREEN.tv. Having previously becoming passionate with the emergence of new digital TV media: Google TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV... in the new digital media landscape. We realized that the potential of what "disruptive technology" was going to coompletely change the landscape of the TV industry. We saw what was comming and decided we wanted to be part of it. The founders decided four years ago to create and invest together with inSCREEN.tv in order to create a broadcasting platform, developing the technical tools to allow new inviduals, organsiations and companies to create and broadcast their own content by inherently creating their own unique TV channels with a low cost barrier to market. Allowingr them to be conneccted to a new world of connected TV. A platform "where it would rain thousands of digital channels" to power all our screens! After 4 years of incubation of knowledge, research, development, and in order to maintain our autonomy, we currently opted to fund 100% of our platform and thus remain independent and allow users the unique independance, freedom of choice and a freedom of expression.

Designing inSCREEN.tv, we have continued to simplify, to facilitate the life of the customers of our platform. For them, we have removed the obstacles, the unnecessary technical and financial constraint and preconcieved ideas propagated by the medium of the contractual traditional television. We have designed inSCREEN.tv with an amazing ease-of-use SaaS platform that allows all types of individuals to create and manage high-quality and low-cost channels for all audiences. This allows today's niche channel markets to flourish with original and profitable offers. We also offer our clients to monetize their channels and content. We have designed our platform to pool resources and technologies and allow inviduals/organizations to exist and express themselves thanks to the best technical tools and a powerful global broadcasting solution.

The digital audience related to video consumption attests more than 50% of global audience to the detriment of television audiences and conventional media losing their leadership in the world. Yes, this is a fact: we are over-equipped, over-connected, over-mobile. Yes we are fickle, yes we like to change, we love communities, enthusiastic people, market niches ... Yes new digital publishers can now exist and create the media and channels of today and tomorrow.

How can we convince you more? Imagine at the dawn of the 2000s, would you rather have invested in the fixed telephone or in the mobile telephony and the production of connected smart phones? A great opportunity has come to us for years. Take control, you can, you must invest in digital media without any hesitation!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
The inSCREEN.tv team.